Get Your Cabin Ready for a New Application of Stain

Schedule sandblasting or corn cob blasting services in Oneida or Durhamville, NY or surrounding areas

If you want to revitalize your cabin by applying new stains, first you'll need to prepare the surface. Luckily, R&R Cabin Restorations offers corn cob blasting services in the Oneida and Durhamville, NY area. Corn cob blasting is a great addition to pressure washing. It will allow you to apply the new stain to your cabin right away since you won't have to wait for the wood to dry.

As a way to strip wood, corn cob blasting can't be beaten. Contact us today to get started.

Not sure if this service is your best choice?

Corn cob blasting is perfect for:

  • Cabin owners who want to keep their structures in good condition
  • Getting rid of unwanted pests such as termites.
  • Those who want to get rid of years of built-up grime or discoloration
Tired of staring at stained or faded wood? Corn cob blasting is the solution you've been searching for. Call us at 315-280-4950 now to make an appointment.